The Secret Life of Hippos


Craig Huxley & Jean-Christophe Jeauffre Present

An Ugo Adilardi Film

In Tanzania's National Reserve, as the dry season approaches, some of the world's last wild jungle animals seek refuge. One of the most fascinating creatures of this realm is the Hippo. Much of its life above on land has been well documented.

But what about his underwater kingdom where he spends most of his time? What happens there?

Through the use of underwater cameras and microphones, the Secret Life of Hippos decodes the language of these behemoths and unravels the meaning behind their grunts and snorts. Marvel at how these lumbering giants turn into graceful and agile aquatic acrobats beneath the surface. Frolicking and playing, turning barrel-rolls and prancing like dancers weighing a few pounds instead of a few tons.

An astonishing expose of Hippo life below the surface.

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UPC 0 17078 9923 2 8 _____ISBN 1-4243-1913-7 _____Length _ 52 minutes film + 50 minutes BONUS_____ English Stereo,  French Stereo, English Surround,   optional subtitles,  closed caption

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