Our fantastic new Jules Verne Adventures collection leads the way into imagination and adventure. Presented by EMMY Award Winner Craig Huxley, released on Special Edition BLU-RAYs and DVDs by GoPlanet.com

These expeditions are the leading edge of new journeys into vanishing places, with unexpected encounters. The Four Tall Ship Expeditions are led by Explorer/FilmMaker Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, Founder of the Jules Verne Film Festival (along with Frédéric Dieudonné, who is the Director of the exciting JAMES CAMERON - BUZZ ALDRIN: EXPLORERS ).

100 Years Under the Sea
Amazon Trek
Whales Of Atlantis
Devil's Island
Red and White
The Last Gorillas
The Secret Life of Hippos
Sea Lions

New BLU-RAY and DVD Releases

The Jules Verne team embarks on The Tall Ship Quadrilogy, sailing on the world's famed Belem, the sole survivor of a century ago massive eruption in the Caribbean.

Amazon Trek, 100 Years Under the Sea, and Whales of Atlantis (along with the companion expedition to Devil's Island of Papillon fame), are narrated by Christopher Lee ( Lord of the Rings, Star Wars ). Red and White: Gone with the West is hosted by Ernest Borgnine ( The Wild Bunch, Marty ). A trip through the heartland of America , with visits to Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, and today's Blackfeet Nation Pow Wow. These five films star our lead explorer and Founder of the Jules Verne Film Festival, Jean-Christophe Jeauffre. Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon is hosted by Academy Award Winner James Cameron. Cameron is an avid fan of the unexplored abyss of earth's vast oceans. Buzz Aldrin joins as we vividly relive the First Moon Landing. Directed by Frédéric Dieudonné, co-founder of the Jules Verne Film Festival. Jean-Christophe Jeauffre joins Emmy Award Winning Producer, Craig Huxley, in launching a series of films that reach out to those fascinated with incredible true stories. Designed for people of all ages, and families, for those who delight in imagination, exploration, and awareness of the many-faceted challenges and possibilities knocking at our door.

Continuing with our ten years of IMAX and special interest films of the utmost quality, Blue Frontier introduces The Secret Life of Hippos and Sea Lions: A California Adventure. Kids of all ages find many delights in our expanding series of Amazing Animals. These films are both Jules Verne Film Festival Official Selections.

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Each of the Expeditions has over one hour of Bonus Features. Also optional subtitles and closed caption, and usually at least one additional language track.

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